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Professional Services

RENASH SOLUTION (M) SDN BHD is run by qualified industrial, environmental, safety and health professionals with vast working experience and knowledge in industrial operation and training. With such diverse experience RENASH SOLUTION (M) SDN BHD is capable of extending its expertise and service in continuous education, training, development and consultancy in industries, such as:

  • Chemical Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Corporate and Financial Institution
  • Food, Hotel and Service Industry
  • Government and Agencies
  • Higher Education Institutions
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Maritime Industry
  • Oil, Gas and Energy Industry
  • Plantation Industry
  • School Safety

Our main objective is to facilitate organisations in promoting and enhancing their organisations perational efficiency and productivity in a safe and healthy environment. The area of expertise and services rendered by RENASH SOLUTION (M) SDN BHD includes:

Monitoring Services such as below;
Code Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Monitoring
CHRA Chemical Heath and Risk Assessment (CHRA)
CEM Chemical Exposure Monitoring (Area / Personal)
IAQ Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
LIM Light Intensity Monitoring
ASM Asbestos Monitoring
LMD Lead & Mineral Dust Monitoring
LEV Engineering Control and Local Exhaust System Assessment
NEM Noise Exposure Monitoring

Code Environmental Monitoring
ISE Isokinetic Stack Emission Monitoring (MS 1596:2003)
NISE Non - Isokinetic Stack Emission Monitoring
DSO Dark Smoke Observation Monitoring
WQM Water Quality Monitoring
AAM Ambient Air Monitoring
BNM Boundary Noise Monitoring
IECS Waste Water or Industrial Effluent Characteristic Study (IECS)

Test Services such as below;
Code Non Destructive Test (NDT)
UT Ultrasonic Test : Thickness Measurement / Flaw Detection
MP Magnetic Particle Test
DP Dye Penetrate Test
RT Radiography Test
NHT Holiday Test
FSC Fiberscope / CCTV Inspection
VIBP Visual Inspection Boiler / Pressure Vessel

Code Destructive Test (DT)
TT Tensile Test
BT Bending Test
HT Hardness Test
IT Impact Test

Manpower Supply COMPETENT PERSONS for;
Code Competent Persons
SHO Safety and Health Officer
SWM Scheduled Waste Manager
RPO Radiation Protection Officer
IHT Hygiene Technician
AGT/E Authorize Confined Space Personal
CME Charge man
CSWIP Welder Inspector

Code Programme
QLASSIC Quality Assessment System for Building Construction Work (Qlassic System - CIDB)