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Paper Works

To provide clients through implementation and maintenances process will tremendously satisfied clients, as well compliance to OSH Act, EQ Act or Radiation Act.

Preparing paper works services inclusive such as:

Authorities Compliance for DOSH / DOE / AELB
Code Authorities Compliance Procedures
PAR Product Analysis with Professional Report
TSDS Translation of Material / Chemical Safety Data Sheet
AML Application New or Renewal of Fabricator / Manufacturing License
TTR Thickness Test for Renewal UPV CF
COF Pre Audit and Inspection PMT / PMA / PMD
ACC AELB Certification and Compliance (Radiation)
DWG Design Approval - Technical Engineering, Preparing Drawing & Calculation
SOP Safety Operating Procedures (SOP) Write Up
PQR Performance Qualified Records (PQR) Write Up
WPS Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) Write Up
SHM Develop and Prepare Safety and Health Manual
PAT DOE Application for Penilaian Awal Tapak (PAT)
EIA Environmental Impact Analysis (EIA)
EMP Environmental Management Plan (EMP)
EMAR Environmental Management Audit & Representative
SWM Scheduled Waste Management System (SWMS)