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RENASH SOLUTION (M) SDN BHD is a new and dynamic entity involved in continuous training, development, and consultancy in the improvement of organisations operational efficiency and productivity. Also to enhance further organisations performance and achievement in a safe and healthy environment.

RENASH SOLUTION (M) SDN BHD is for operational efficiency, safety and health. With our accumulated vast experience and knowledge in operation, safety and health we are willing to disseminate and share our expertise and experience with any organisation whether in the government, services or other industries in the capacity of training, development, and consultancy as to improve their operation, performance and achievement.

RENASH SOLUTION (M) SDN BHD contribution to industries and organisations is not about reaching a compromise; rather it is about achieving winners in upgrading the workforce capability and competencies in operational efficiency,most safety and health. It requires absolute commitment to be winners and need a consolidated team with the concerned organisation.

The efficiency developed in the business operation becomes the lifeline of any organisation, whereas safety and health provide the guidance, focus and direction of the organisation. There is no worthy efficiency without safety in any organization, and there is no safety without health. Thus, RENASH SOLUTION (M) SDN BHD believes that reaching for efficiency alone without safety and health is Titanic.


A strong client relationship is vital for the continuous achievement in any organisation. Fostering a long-term relationship with clients is our priority. It provides a perfect strategy of togetherness working as a team during the trying period and enhances the continuity of success through development and improvement of the operation, and progressive accomplishment of the organisation's objectives in operational efficiency and building a safe and healthy environment.


RENASH SOLUTION (M) SDN BHD integrates all parties of concern into their organisation:

  • The value we provide to our clients is directly related to the expertise and knowledge of our facilitators and associates.
  • In working with our clients we focus on learning and understanding the real situation of the working environment of our web clients and the information given by all parties as to provide value-added contributions.
  • We establish and value long-term partnership with our clients built on mutually beneficial relationships and continued success.
  • All our associates are directly involved in development, monitoring services, training and consultancy. They are highly professional and have vast experience and leadership in their respective fields